Mold Damage Remediated

We were called to remediate a water damaged house that had been left for two weeks. During the disaster clean-up we came across mold. In this video you will be able to see the pre-remediated damage and the results 24 hours after clean-up.

Graffiti Video

This video demonstrates graffiti removal at a school.

Dry Ice Blasting - Electrical

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of dry ice blasting around electrical panels.

Sewage Damage Remediation

The homeowners had a sewage backup in their basement from a blocked pipe between their house and the main septic line for the town. Their basement filled with sewage. Upon waking up they noticed this and called Medius to complete the disaster clean-up. This video is a brief demonstration of the services we provide.

Total Basement Flooding

With the flooding in Saskatchewan in 2011 we were able to help one family get back to normal just days after their entire basement was full of water. The family was grateful and able to get back to daily living in no time.

Attic Mold Remediation

We received a call from a woman trying to sell her house. A very nice home but potential buyers were worried about potential mold in the attic. We were called in to remove any affected materials and treat the remaining structure for mold. The end result was a sold home, and a happy client!

PDAP Mold Remediation

A client who suffered water seepage and was proceeding through the PDAP program. See how Medius was able to help.

Dry Ice Blasting Concrete Pad

A customer had a garage fire. We tore down his garage but he still had considerable smoke damage to his pad. We dry ice blasted his pad and restored it to pre loss condition.

Dry Ice Blasting Smoke Damage in a Garage

This is a short clip where we dry ice blasted some smoke damaged material so it didn't need to be replaced.

The Clean-Up Crew, helping you recover from disaster faster!